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This information was first published by Brian Patick Cork on October 2, 2007.

Years ago, one of my famous mentors, David Sugarman /1, told me, “Hire people who are mission-driven–people who share your vision. If you don’t, your business will struggle, or may never even get off the ground.” He also said, “Big business can afford to hire managers and employees. Entrepreneurs need to hire missionaries.”

Later, when I asked David for further clarification on hiring people with a passion for your mission, he simply laughed and said, “If you own a butcher shop, don’t hire vegetarians.”

Brian Patrick Cork

1/ If you know me well, you have heard many David Sugarman stories.

This information was first published by Brian Patrick Cork on September 22, 2007.

In light of current event, this line-of-thinking is apropos.

My relationship with Apple is well-documented.

So, this is something I know that differentiates Apple, and companies like it (other than game-changing products)… One of the reasons Steve Jobs is the entrepreneur of the era is because he has missionaries inside his company as well as outside. Apple Computer’s customers are missionaries, too.

Jobs is successful because he is true to his personal mission and demands the same from his staff. Jobs’ mission is at the core of Apple, Inc..

Brian Patrick Cork

First published 09/22/2007

Here is a terrific example of generational lexicon and ever-widening communication schisms.

NOTE: It can be persuasively argued that “hooking up” today means a casual sexual encounter /1. So, this can be a problem for a legitimate business perspective.

Here is an extreme example…

We recently presented an candidate to Google for an Quality Assurance Director level position. The candidate was forty five year old male and was progressing well through the typical Google gauntlet interview process. But, when he attempted to confirm a meeting with a female manager who happened to be thirty two years old, the candidate suggested that they “hook up” off campus. This was completely innocent. But, a generation schism occurred and the female manager (who is actually very bright) was offended. Although she understood the situation for what it was, she quickly came to the conclusion that the candidate would not be a cultural fit at Google.

So… My opinion is that its best to say “lets connect” if you want to meet with someone (especially if you are within hearing distance of someone thirty five years of age or younger).

Brian Patrick Cork


1/ “Unhooked”, a book by Washington Post Columnist Laura Sessions Stepp

Happiness Audits

December 13, 2010 — Leave a comment

Do a happiness audit.   Write down a list of all the things that you do during the course of a week and put them in categories according to the level of Joy they cause in your life.

That, I suspect (well, actually know), will make you part of the solution.

Brian Patrick Cork

Young padawan Jenny Chang asked:

“In your opinion, what do you think it takes to be world-class in something besides just raw talent and an excellent work ethic?”

That’s a fair question from a young and likely frustrated emerging executive today that faces enormous uncertainty due to a lack of mentorship. Especially in an economy that has four separate generations knife-fighting for the same jobs

My response:

“A careful development of Subject Matter Expertise (SME).

Thought Leadership is always valued. But, what drives that is a keen ability to point to a target and kill it with flair. So, identifying a passion for a subject; immersing yourself in it; and, becoming a definable expert through research, application and acknowledgment is the best path to sustained success.”

Let’s be part of the solution.

Brian Patrick Cork