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Brian Patrick Cork . As many of you know I am working hard to become ubiquitous with my technology. I’ve picked-up the Moto-X (Android), and am playing with an all-in-one Windows machine at home (sits next to my iMac). But, I’m trying to become proficient on all the platforms. In any event, I do like the Metro overlay interface on Windows discussed in this article. Thats slick. And, Android gets better with each update. The innovation race is great for all of us.

Leaked photo shows Nokia bringing Windows Phone’s look to Android

Leaked photo shows Nokia bringing Windows Phone’s look to Android -

“Do you love the look of Windows Phone but find yourself balking because there still aren’t anywhere near as many available apps as there are on iOS and Android? Nokia might have just what you’ve been waiting for. The company…”.

Brian Patrick Cork Meg Whitman… Remember what we discussed regarding the portable hot-spot? Don’t do it!

HP smartphones are coming, but will anyone care?

HP smartphones are coming, but will anyone care?

“HP failed to hit the rumored 2013 launch timeframe for its new line of smartphones, but according to inside sources, the phones could still reach the market sometime this month. 9to5Google reported last week that an HP…”.

Brian Patrick CorkApple does not need Nest. They already have the edge in the technology. That’s why Google had to hurry, play catch-up, and spend soooo much money. Apple is up today. Wall Street got that right.
Why Wasn't Apple in the Mix for Nest?
Perhaps Apple decided it could develop a better product than bolt on Nest’s hardware and software.


Paul Dieffenderfer Paul Dieffenderfer 3.2 BILLION for a learning thermostat and smoke alarm??!! They must have a bunch of other things in the works or incredible patent portfolio. Many of the modern HVAC systems do not work with after market controllers. Each unit communicates back to the outside heat pump for best efficiency. I replaced my old system and cut my power bills by over $200 per month. Still having trouble getting over $3.2 BILLION…”.
Brian Patrick Cork Brian Patrick Cork I’m confident Google has big plan up their sleeve. However, they can’t seem to stop buying “bits-and-pieces”. Not a great acquisition strategy. Cobbled together things generate more cost over the long-haul.

Brian Patrick CorkThats solid affirmation of our own intel. I KNOW Johnson will run a leaner ship with compensation aligned with performance. I THINK he can convince Wall Street to spot him based on past losses. So, he gets to start near the bottom. Almost no where to go but up. Its primed for Wall Street to jack it up. I BELIEVE he will focus on the enterprise markets and what remains a fairly loyal following. The market need not be huge. Just more profitable than yesterday.



“BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY; TSX:BB) announced today that Eric Johnson will be joining as President, Global Sales reporting to BlackBerry’s Executive Chair and CEO, John Chen. “I am pleased to round out BlackBerry’s new…”.

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brian patrick cork

Brian Patrick Cork

I really like Apple’s new iOS 7.

Yes, I’m an Apple “fan boy”. But, I’m also an evangelist. In my opinion there is a difference. I view my devotion as a battle between good versus evil. And, I have high standards in-terms of quality and experience.

I believe that innovation might actually be realized in the experience with a device, not necessarily how it is manufactured.

messaging on iPadThusly, I genuinely value how brilliantly iOS works on constantly improving Apple products like the new iPad Air ( By the way… If you’ve not seen this brilliant video, you are off-the-grid. It defines brilliant and then you must cross-reference that with relevant.

For example, being productive with Messaging on an iPad is a game-changer. Its makes texting more relevant and functional. This will impact email. Change and evolution are synonymous with Apple.

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brian patrick cork

Remember the Symbian Army?

October 11, 2013 — 2 Comments

This has nothing to do with Patricia Hearst.

In an indirect way, it has A LOT to do with Steve Jobs.

Point of reference: When Jobs started talking about the iPhone on Jan. 9, 2007, he said, “This is a day I have been looking forward to for two and a half years.” Then he regaled the audience with myriad tales about why consumers hated their cellphones. Then he solved all their problems – definitively.

Steve Jobs and Apple essentially wiped-out the “Symbian Army”.

And, that’s what makes the rest of this post all the more interesting, if not noteworthy.

I was recently asked to find and recruit Symbian engineers.


Stephen Elop, give me back my legions! While I’m not predicting, or even anticipating a re-imagined Symbian (I’ll avoid saying Nokia) come-back, I do suspect Microsoft is pondering a dramatic and evolutionary step. Microsoft piled $7.2 billion dollars into Nokia for the acquisition of it’s mobile unit. And, with that comes an emerging handful of intrepid entrepreneurs looking at establishing something of an Symbian support eco-system that could eventually become another acquisition play. It’s those, otherwise, imagineers that I’m working with.

Consider this… For years, Symbian ruled mobile. At its peak, Blackberry was a scrappy underdog at best. Then Jobs made a historical move and signaled the end of Nokia with a demonstration of five buggy iPhone prototypes. You can read that very cool story, here:

And Then Steve Said, “Let There Be an iPhone”

Symbian fans lament the loss of a veritable colonial empire. They once ruled the world, yet lost it by taking a nap. It can be argued that incompetence by lack of open-mindedness led to the collapse. NOTE: Blackberry fans are (they remain) like Fascists or Marxists; they never ruled the world, and they are lamenting the unfulfillment of potential, of how they could have won, but never did. NOTE: For what it’s worth, Ernest Hemingway would have carried an iPhone to defeat the Fascists in his beloved Spain. Yet, ironically, many sense that Blackberry may live on in some enterprise fashion. And, here we have the Symbian underground coming to light.

In any event, with Symbian, we could argue that if only Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo got kicked out in 2008, the liberated loyalists would still have an empire stretching from the islands of Japan, to the frigid tundra of finland. Like Blackberry fanatics, they may comment on lost opportunity, if the strategy was actually good, than maybe, just maybe their global market share could have overtaken Windows Mobile.

…wait… Maybe that’s the plan.

If anyone asks me if I’m recruiting for Microsoft, I’ll deny it – and fiercely.

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brian patrick cork

iWork for iCloud

July 21, 2013 — Leave a comment

It’s no secret I work with Apple. And, I do a lot of that using iWork.

I have no agenda other than being part of the solution. It’d more fin, interesting, productive and lucrative.

How often do you notice people view others using PC’s (aka Windows) with pity, if not disdain? And, it’s becoming more clear, daily, that Android devices are for the masses, and less so the discerning.

Look… You may think you are smarter than your High School and College kid, but what type of computer or mobile device do they prefer?

The following is from a recent exchange I had with the nebulous Allan Tsang. Learn from it. I dare you.

ICloudBrian Patrick CorkFun… Apple just released iWork for iCloud. It’s a suite of apps — Pages, Numbers, and Keynote — that make it easy for anyone with an iCloud account to create and edit great-looking documents, spreadsheets, and presentations right on the web. All you have to do is sign in to iCloud on a Mac or a PC using the current version of Safari, Chrome, or Internet Explorer. Then just click on Pages, Numbers, or Keynote and you’re off. Sign in to to get started with iWork for iCloud today. Do it now! Played with iOS7 some today as well. It really is awesome.

Allan TsangAllan TsangI dunno… I got it but the learning curve is kinda steep. Can’t find stuff I’m used to in word or excel. Plus when I send a file, people can’t open it. It’s not compatible both ways. I’ll have to spend more time or switch to office 365 or something.

Brian Patrick Cork

Brian Patrick CorkCrazy stuff. I’ve not heard tale of conversion issues for quite some time. I never have any issues. However, in a pinch, simply convert documents to PDF. Like most Apple products, Pages (Word) and Numbers (Excel) are generally intuitive. That said, I believe yours is an example of,”looking for something so not seeing a different option”. So, as most will do with the new Apple iOS7, just be open-minded. The iOS will open-up uncharted vistas of productivity. I’ve already seen this first-hand. In any event, my final point, here, is the fascinating observation that Apple just completely trumped Google’s best hopes for an eco-system that can compete with Microsoft’s Outlook.

This does not have to be about Apple. It can be abut best practices and good decision-making. But then, its all related.

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brian patrick cork

More often than not the truth and facts are evident but not always clear. Its like looking for the cheese in your Moms refrigerator. Its right in front of your nose but only your Mom can tell you where it is.

I am a trained analyst and an economist by wiring. So, I look at most things like they are a puzzle. Thats because they are. Its what you don’t know or understand that can kill you or your plans. So, looking between the lines and considering all manner of data always helps making fair and level decisions.

The author of this trivial piece neglects to discuss the market for this type of device.

My daughter and her friends say the colors might be “fun” (they know how to change the color anyway). They also think the plastic case might be more durable. That’s rather insightful as they all drop their iPhones constantly.

The aspect they won’t like is the early perception that the units are “cheap”. So, that is possibly how the Apple-hating media might undermine this effort.

That said, we are thinking the biggest market for these units is China and a North American market going after the highly fragmented Android nation where “inexpensive” handsets currently rule.

Information is only power when it is fair and accurate.

If these leaked images are real, the forthcoming “cheap” iPhone is hideous

If these leaked images are real, the forthcoming “cheap” iPhone is… -

“Two different channels for leaks direct from the production lines of Foxconn, where iPhones are made, have released, via social media, remarkably similar images of colored backs for what are supposedly the rumored,…”

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brian patrick cork