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brian cork Human Capital™ in the News

The Milton Herald: Reflections on life and work of Steve Jobs – Ponder his technological legacy by Matthew Quinn

“Brian Cork, who lives in Milton, moved in many of the same circles with Jobs. Years ago, Cork was involved in raising money for technology investments, and he and Jobs moved in the same circles.” …[]

Hong Kong – Newswire July 22, 2011: Brian Patrick Cork has been named as keynote speaker for the Asiapac 2012 Economic Conference on Entrepreneurialism. Cork will speak for the benefit of over over 500 global technology leading CEO’s and their CFO’s over entrepreneurs and emerging technology trends October….

Atlanta, GA – Newswire January 15, 2010: brian cork launches the highly anticipated Accelerator. In 2009 brian cork quietly rolled-out his “Accelerator” program where he is actively involved around incubating several disruptive technology (client) companies in the Atlanta market. In each case Brian has facilitated first-round investments, recruited best-of-class candidates, and is actively involved in establishing new business development through his network and broad range of client companies and strategic partners. The Accelerator is now official with six startup companies under Acceleration. …[].

brian patrick cork is the featured speaker at the 2009 Georgia State University and the Herman J. Russell Center for Entrepreneurship’s Business Plan Competition.

Atlanta Journal Constitution October 11, 2009: “Businesses hiring again – in a new way”. “Broad generalists aren’t needed right now, and the days of digging into an executive position and getting fat are over, said brian cork, founder of brian cork Human Capital, an Atlanta-based provider of recruiting, executive search and other services. We’re seeing a new type of position emerging in corporate America. It’s the project-oriented executive,” cork said. He’s seeing America start to follow European and Asian trends to bring in new talent for short stints to meet specific goals. About 40 percent of the hiring in those countries is for two-year contracts, and that’s starting to happen here. The shelf life for executives is going to be about 30 months,” he said. “Companies are looking for the best, fastest and brightest talent, and there’s a direct correlation between what needs to be done and having the right skills to do it.”

The Examiner October 9, 2009: “brian cork Human Capital is all about making companies and the people who run them successful. The firm offers three core services (1) executive search and recruiting, (2) executive and business coaching, and (3) business accelerator. brian cork Human Capital has received numerous awards and recognitions and is considered one of the companies to watch.  brian’s secret to success is what he calls “the Culture of Twelve”.”

brian cork Human Capital is a key sponsor for the 2009 Radford University Global Innovation Tournament. The GIT is a fun, creative competition between student teams around the world with the goal of promoting innovative solutions to a global problem. The Stanford University Technology Ventures Program coordinates the GIT internationally across universities and countries. The RU College of Business & Economics (COBE) is a registered, local partner and student team video submissions will be judged by a panel of RU alumni, civic leaders, and faculty. Shortly afterwards, a separate panel of judges selected by Stanford will then select a global winner from local winners around the world.

Business Journal May 4, 2009 : brian patrick cork offers insight when “Chasing Capital”. “cork notes that smaller levels of funding can come from “execs with checks” (a form of Angel Investor, but involved operationally), and sometimes include a strategic partnership where the investor uses the products or services provided by the business being funded.”

Gravity Free Radio: Hosted by the inestimable Erik Wolf, brian cork discusses being an entrepreneur and his highly anticipated new company “Spin-up” Accelerator.

Press Release: Alpharetta, Georgia | January 21, 2009

“brian patrick cork has rolled-out his highly anticipated “Accelerator” program where he is actively involved around incubating several disruptive technology (client) companies in the Atlanta market. In each case brian has successfully facilitated first-round investments, recruited best-of-class candidates, and is actively involved in establishing new business development through his network and broad range of client companies and strategic partners.”

Table For One: Read Kelly Queijo’s story about brian patrick cork entitled: “A Highlander Returns”.  “Athletic, charming, clad in a dark T-shirt and jeans on the first really cold day of October, he reflected on what it meant to set foot on RU’s campus after 24 years”.

Handshake 2.0: Read Kelly Queijo’s article “brian patrick cork: A Man with a Plan”. “You gotta have a plan, in life, in business. It will make you think, research and execute. When you go off plan, you can adjust. If you don’t have a plan, you can’t execute, you can’t adjust.”

Dorm Room Biz: Consider Chris Punds comments regarding brian patrick cork in the “Entrepreneurial Summit Wrap Up”. “Two of the speakers I was extremely impressed by – both RU graduates – brian cork and John Signorello. These guys have stood the test of time in the entrepreneurship race and have been incredibly successful in their ventures…”.

Radford University: brian patrick cork is the Keynote Speaker for Radford University’s 2008 Entrepreneurial Summit.

Catalyst Magazine Podcast: Listen to brian patrick cork discuss “Raising Capital”.

Atlanta Business Radio: Eric Wolf, Principal at Zero-G Creative interviews brian patrick cork around Entrepreneurship and factors for success.

Pothole On The InfoBahn: Scott Burkett reminds us that brian patrick cork will join an expert panel 09/11/08 around “Raising Capital”.

Atlanta Business Radio: Joyce Bone plugs her Business Coach brian cork hosted by Amy Otto.

Entrepreneur Magazine: brian patrick cork is selected by Entrepreneur Magazine as Top Three Most Influential Entrepreneurs in the Southeast (Services category).

Techlinks: G2 economics Names brian patrick cork to North America Board of Directors.

Press Release: brian cork Human Capital refers over $60 Million in new business to clients in 2007.

AJC: “Get Real” .  brian cork does not always agree with other recruiting professionals.  He believes that hiring practices today are “Mission Specific”.

Atlanta Journal Constitution: brian cork and Lisa Dugan inspire with “Secrets to Satisfaction”.

Atlanta Business Radio: Listen to Amy Otto and Lee Kantor interview brian cork about topics that include his early career that included Venture Capital, Invesment Banking and one of Atlanta’s most successful IPO’s…

Atlanta Journal Constitution: brian patrick cork shares his views on office betting pools…

Techlinks: brian patrick cork Named Among Most Influential Entrepreneurs in Southeast.

Article | By brian cork: “Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs – and, them Corporate Fellas”.  In my experience, when you really break it down, there are three types of business people…

Article | By brian cork: “Executive Compensation Trends”.

Cumming Home News: “Real Secrets To Finding The Perfect Job…”. An article by brian patrick cork.

SnapRoswell: brian cork Human Capital opens offices in Historic Roswell District…

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Read this AJC article featuring brian patrick cork and Performance Reviews…

Article | By brian cork: “The True Cost of Employee Attrition” by brian patrick cork

Techlinks: G2 economics names brian cork Human Capital sole-source for North America.

Wall Street Journal: “brian cork is the ‘Larry Bird’ of recruiting…”.  How brian patrick cork has changed the recruiting business and the way companies grow cultures that endure.

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