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Brian Patrick CorkThis was also shared with us by a local SVP of HR. We finally convinced her we could help – and, she won a target accountability award by reducing employee attrition (and the associated cost).

I’ve never met someone in HR I didn’t instinctively want to make look like a hero.

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brian patrick cork

Brian Patrick Cork: Go check-out William “Bill” Wallace’s insightful blog post, “They’re Just Not That Into You”.


“Your messaging has 8 seconds to capture an executive’s attention. Miss the mark and you’ve not only wasted their time but also created a negative impression.”

Vice President of Marketing Alignment

Vice President of Marketing Alignment -

Revenue Storm is a sales consulting firm that helps clients implement processes and disciplines in a coaching culture to drive sustained revenue acceleration.

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brian patrick cork

Brian Patrick Cork

We all get customer service criticisms.

The most important thing here is what we as service providers do about it.

The article below is about a human solution. However, the bigger point is having a keen desire to actually provide a solution.

I’ve learned that if you genuinely care about your clients, and you leverage a “servants heart”, you can’t make everyone happy, but if you try, and sincerely so, you win more than you lose. And, at brian cork Human Capital™ (now a haute-culture Company, we) define winning as both sides being satisfied.

Seeing Eye-to-Eye: The Power of Telepresence – Ricoh Managed Document… -

“I listened recently to a lament from a fellow business traveler bumped from his flight and trying to figure out his next steps. His choices were to wait in a long queue with other frustrated passengers to deal directly with an…”

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brian patrick cork

who is in your space?As seen on Linkedin

Brian Patrick Cork:

Over the last six weeks three of my coaching clients have raised $21M between the three of them.

A big part of that success with capital formation was being able to answer these questions succinctly:

  1. “who is your customer?”; and,
  2. “how many of them are there by region?”
  3. “who are your potential partners, strategic, or otherwise”
  4. What is my cost of customer acquisition and attrition?
  5. “who is left as your competition?”

You can acquire competitors and customers. However, you need to understand who they are, where they are, and their value.

Why should they be a customer? And, how can someone else compete against you? While thee seem obvious questions, companies that address them with measure and pace out-perform the competition.

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brian patrick cork

Welcome to the midpoint of an on-going conversation I’m having with one of my Coaching clients I’m hoping to place with another of my Recruiting clients.

I have a cool job.

That said, some of this will appear random.

Kind of like DATA – which is really the point of this post.

Just like dancing and Lacrosse, it’s how you use your stuff. marketing is all about sorting out what people think they want, and what companies that want to make money want to make you want. That takes a lot of information. And, the manner in which we harvest and use that information is changing dramatically at ever-faster and more effective and productive intervals.

For a point-of-reference, go read (and watch): whiteboard videos

If you walked into my office in the middle of the discussion you might start hearing:

…has to do with content. I agree that more people want to minimize words to focus on impact. But, the real punch comes with visualization. Maybe this is why the TED video David McCandless: The beauty of data visualization, is so compellingDATA Visualization is getting so much attention (and, another reason why what Stephen Adkins is doing might be so important).

Most cultures are story-tellers. We like hearing stories. We also like seeing stories. So, with all that websites that offer more visual effect might be favored. And, this is also why I think Whiteboard videos are getting so much attention. They fit into our the digital trend and trajectory.

Here is an immediate example:

In terms of my own website(s), pictures and images won’t work. Especially because the services I offer are unique and based on an unusual accumulation of experience and perspective (and philosophy).

On the other hand, this is why I THINK a whiteboard video might be ideal for my sites. I’ve started a dialogue with Rob Riggs at (his team created the videos in my blog post above, or I found them because of him). NOTE: I have him talking to Stephen Adkins as well.

How’s that for symmetry? I am a “cultural architect”, you know.

So… Here is what I know in my heart and based on constantly affirmed experience… If you look at the world in-terms of “love languages”, I’ve decided that people transmit or receive in five, maybe seven, different manners (some people want bullets and lists, others want paragraphs, some prefer graphs, or like numbers or need audio and/ or video). So, “its how you say it” that matters most in-terms of generating the most impact. If you know your client you figure-out how to give them both what they want, what they think they want, and what they need.

When people refer others (for coaching and/ or recruiting, for example [even capital formation]) to me its often with the caveat, “you gotta hear this guys story”. Also, “he makes sense of things few others can and ties concepts together that makes sense of the puzzles in business”.

NOTE: That was easy because its a quote from a meeting yesterday.

AUDIO, AUDIO, AUDIO… Well, encourage people to watch and listen later, but offer a bullet summary that will entice them to watch the video later for the most impact.

As we wrap-up the conversation, you would hear me say:

“Bullets worked today. I wonder how you might receive the information had I delivered it by video with all manner of pop-up images and examples?”

More later.

Let’s be part of the Solution.

brian patrick cork