“Brian helped me Keep my head screwed on straight. Working with him was absolutely life changing. I left Automotive to go to Industrial goods. I went from being an Executive Director to CTO/COO. I also ended-up launching two businesses – one consulting, the other a vineyard.” - John Kwapis, COO of Blue Bird Bus

“Brian helped me find a path that I love, when I had never before considered it before, or known anything about it. - Amelie von Flugge, Project Manager at Perficient

“brian is an insightful counselor who asks penetrating and relevant questions, creatively guides tough minded self assessment and inspires action towards well defined goals. He was an invaluable sounding board for me personally during a significant career transition and has subsequently provided excellent executive search services. He is more interested in results than appearances and I can recommend him without reservation.” - Ken Honeycutt, Former President and CEO of Acuity Brands Lighting

“It is critical to the success of our company to hire employees that will flourish in our corporate culture and uphold the values of our organization. Brian clearly understands the value of people to an organization and his team is able to quickly assess our needs and provide us with employees of the highest caliber; adding experience and innovation to our company. Brian is authentic, supportive, and without a doubt, we will continue to trust his insight and experience in assisting us with the growth of our company, both in the US and internationally”.  - Anisa Telwar, Owner and PresidentAnisa International

“I was very fortunate to be able work with Brian during my last transition. I can tell you will all sincerity that his coaching and creativity completely transformed the way I thought about and approached this challenge. His ideas around trend study and convergence I now use consistently and will be a part of my strategy going forward. There is no question in my that Brian delivers on is commitments and provides transformational value.” Gary Peterson, VP R&D at Brunswick Corporation – Life Fitness

“Brian: I want to take this moment simply to say “thank you”!  I appreciate and value your insight, knowledge, opinion and general well being for us personally and for our business. Although as we have discussed numerous times how “ugly” business is today it doesn’t mean we have to comply to the current questionable business acumen. Hence, simply “thank you”. My personal best to you and your family for a healthy, successful and blessed future. - Bob Conrad, President eSENSE Retail, Inc.

“Dear Brian: On behalf of the management team of OnCue Technologies, LLC we thank you and your team at brian cork Human CapitalÔ for your efforts in getting OnCue the necessary capital investment. OnCue joined the accelerator in March 2010 and with your help received funding at the end of June 2010. In just 4 months, we received the necessary working capital to take our business to the next level. We continue to enjoy synergies with other accelerator companies. Thank you for your commitment to OnCue!” - Dionne van Zyl, CEOOnCue Technologies

“I was not a candidate for a recent CFO slot that he is working on, I came across his note to the candidates. It looks like he had more than 200 resumes and the same number of phone calls. In his note, he let “the rest of them” know that his firm had narrowed the list down to 4 finalists, with an average score of 92% vs. the client specified criteria. He provided additional general feedback as to why he settled in on this particular slate of candidates. The update note was encouraging to everyone else, and thanked them in a sincere way for their interest. I bet it took Brian less than 15 minutes to compose the update, and perhaps even had a staff member send it out. But it is so rare that a recruiter or hiring manager uses this type of simple courtesy. Very refreshing, Brian.” - Dave Boss at: http://daveboss.wordpress.com/

“Brian Cork brings energy and new ideas to his endeavors. As the keynote speaker for the Elevator Pitch competition at Radford University in 2008, Brian used his experiences to reach out to the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders. As a member of the Advisory Council for the College of Business and Economics, he stays focused on student learning and what we can continue to do to enrich our academic culture with applied learning experiences. We are fortunate to have him on our team and look forward to the next idea and connection he will provide.” - Faye W. Gilbert, PhD, Dean, College of Business and Economics, Radford University

“There’s a good reason why Brian is a serial entrepreneur. He’s a thoughtful observer of trends, a good judge of people, knows what it takes to succeed in business and never fails to follow through. He’s also generous with his thoughts and expertise, which have enhanced my articles on business and careers many times. I’m always grateful for his help.”  – Laura Raines, Atlanta Journal Constitution Writer and Journalist

“Brian: Thank you for your great support and action surrounding the solar initiative at the Georgia Aquarium. Your introductions and validations were invaluable. We have effectively mobilized a small army of great leaders in a matter of hours. Incredible!” - Patrick Hassell, Founder and CEOSolBright Corporation

“Brian cork and his team did a brilliant job for us recruiting best-of-class executive candidates. Now he is sending us good customers! brian cork Human ™ is a fantastic strategic partner for companies that want to change the world.”  - Stephen Gross, CEOVergePoint

“As a startup, the first employees that come into the company are absolutely critical.  In a matter of a few weeks, brian bork Human Capital ™ precisely the “skill sets” and the “mind sets” that has put Dispersive Networks on the right path for success. The synergy displayed by the team has been exemplary and has been a result of the insight and the understanding that brian and his company bring to their clients. We have decided to become part of brian’s Company Accelerator/Incubator to continue the close partnership.” - Bob Twitchell, Founder and CEODispersive Networks

“Brian, you were inspiring, supportive, flexible and a model for young entrepreneurs. Our local business community was impressed; our elevator pitch winner has now been connected with an international landmine removal company, and Radford University’s status was raised by your participation. Personally and professionally, I benefitted from your insights into people, business and the future of our global economy.  I hope we get to collaborate on a similar project in the future.”  – Dr. Iain Clelland, PhD., School of Business and EconomicsRadford University

“What makes brian cork Human Capital™ exceptional is the company’s astounding ability to reach out its worldwide network to find the right fit. My sense is that other companies collect resumes or make calls to people they don’t know. brian cork seems to be one step away from all the best candidates. Our recent hire not only came from that network, but also fit so well with our people the day he walked in. That result is consistent with brian cork’s mission to build our company’s culture one hire at a time”.  - Marc Lewyn, PrincipalGV Financial Advisors

“I engaged brian cork Human Capital™ to find key personnel for my startup company. Finding the right people the first time was critical to me. I’m self-funding my company and I don’t have the luxury of time to waste on the wrong candidates.  Brian and his team found three of my directors who are all taking my company in the right direction more quickly than I could have hoped for and expected.  I feel that trying to search myself through websites or placing ads would not have been the best use of my time, and most likely would not have yielded the results of an experts like brian cork Human Capital™.  The time investment in the learning curve, screening, background checks, and interviews would have cost me more than I paid brian cork Human Capital™. There is no circumventing paying to find the right people for success.  I chose the more cost-effective route in hiring Brian and his team.” - Chip Bulloch, Founder + CEOTheUltimate.com

“I could not be more pleased and appreciative of your assistance. I look forward to a long and productive relationship between our two organizations. Thanks for all your help and support.”  - Jim McKenzie, SVP Supply Chain and LogisticsLighting Science Corp

“Brian is a visionary who architects opportunities to increase business value. He is extremely well connected and has a natural gift for identifying opportunities, capital, strategic relationships, partnerships, and talent to create synergy.” - Glenn Bachman, Investor + COOAscend Systems, LLC

“I would describe Brian Cork as the ‘Larry Bird’ of the Recruiting Business. The go-to guy when you need the thing to work. The scramble-for-the-ball, great-teammate, no-ego, championship-caliber guy.”  - Robert Forrester, CEOGreen Manufacturing Corp.

“I refer executives, leaders and business opportunities to brian cork Human Capital™ because I know that the insights and support he provides has been, and will continue, to be integral to their growth and success.”  - Dick Cook, Senior AdvisorFocus Enterprises, Inc. and CEO of MAPICS, Inc. (acquired by INFOR CORP.)

“We recently worked with Brian Cork and his team to search for and recruit our SVP of Sales.  He nailed it! Brian clearly understands our business, what it takes to move an organization to the next level, and how to create success for everyone around him.”  - Garland Duvall, CEODatatrac Corporation

”Brian Cork just gets it and orchestrates the recruiting process painlessly. brian delivers!”  - Steve Hudson, Vice President of Business DevelopmentOmnilink Systems

“I sincerely want to thank you for all of the support that you have provided while serving on the MCI Project. I look to your team not only as trusted providers of resources, but also as friends.”  – Bill Price, Manager The North Highland Company

“Brian is creative, flexible, responsive, and attentive. He did an extraordinary job of understanding our requirements, sending well-qualified candidates, and suggesting others that we may have never even thought of. Exceptional success and retention rate. An outstanding producer and an enjoyable guy to work with.”  - Howard Powlesson, COOCreditLOGISTICS, Inc. (a subsidiary of CompuCredit, Inc.)

“Brian Cork has done very well for my company… He brought in a seasoned Sales Manager that has done a fine job.”  - Ben Bruno, President + CEOSTR Software, Inc.

“brian cork Human Capital™ has placed several key executives within our organization, including our CFO who is playing a pivotal role in our rapid growth. We know that the key to success is staying ahead of the growth curve with the right team, and brian cork Human CapitalÔ does that for us.” - Brad Fallon, CEO, of StomperNet, Inc. and  FreeIQ, LLC

“Brian truly takes the time to fully understand client requirements and then executes on securing the proper human capital talent for your organization. Most importantly, Brian makes the initial investment in understanding his client’s culture and matches candidates that fit your environment. I have now used Brian as a recruiter at three separate organizations and as a personal career coach and would highly recommend him for any organization.”  - Thomas Michaud, CFOSmart Marketing, Inc. (The Kate Aspen Companies)

“Brian was very instrumental in clarifying my future career goals. He is very professional and honest. I took his advice and am much happier now and focused on the future. Thanks for guiding me in the right direction.”  - Kelli Pfister, Business Development ManagerPrimus Software Corporation

“Like many organizations, our greatest challenge is finding the right executives with the right experience, skills, and work ethic to accomplish our aggressive growth goals. Brian has done a great job unearthing these people. He understands our business and he listens carefully; then he works hard to match our needs with the right people,” - David Leach, CEOeSecuritel Holdings, LLC

“Our company [was] small and poised for significant growth. We needed an engineer that would fit our unique company culture, and be capable of working on diverse projects with little supervision. The brian cork] team took the time to understand who we are as people and understand where our company is headed. We had some very tight guidelines and laid out some pluses that were frankly, tough to fill. They found our man. A perfect fit. Very impressive. They live up to their desire to be an invaluable strategic partner. They worked efficiently, and quickly, but always kept me in the loop. I felt like I had the resources of the entire organization working for me, not just a single recruiter.”  – Rick Carlock, COOVenture Research and Development Corp.

“We needed to augment our audit team that was working around the clock at a large distribution company. Brian Cork and his team provided a group of some of the finest accounting professionals I have seen assembled in an incredibly short period of time.” - Mark Bonham, PartnerArthur Andersen

“Brian’s creativity and resourcefulness helped us to identify and recruit some very talented individuals, that have helped our company to overcome our growth challenges. Brian has a unique approach that allows him to gain an insiders perspective of a company quickly, so he is better prepared to identify qualified candidates and bring faster results. His focus and energy are contagious, and I would highly recommend him to any organization.”  - Chris Gillig, COOMethodIQ, Inc.

“Mr. Cork has broader business acumen than most recruiters. For example, he has great insight when it comes to evaluating a business’s and the best people for critical roles. This is likely because Brian has built several very successful businesses himself and has access to some of the best business leaders in North America and the United Kingdom. Because of this we have worked with him on numerous occasions to build best-of-class management teams. High marks for ingenuity, creativity and reliability.” - Jon Bartol, ChairmanG2 economics

“Brian Cork is very unique in his field. He has a great knack for getting to the heart of the matter very quickly and helps one consider different perspectives to business challenges. He is very committed to his clients and quickly establishes trusting relationships.”  - Cigdem Delano, Deputy Executive DirectorGeorgia Technology Authority

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