search and recruiting methodology

A Proven Search And Recruiting Methodology

brian cork Human Capital™ recognizes that every company and it’s people are unique and different.  We do have a consistent search process and methodology that enables consistency.  But, we are very careful to bring a custom approach to every search and recruiting opportunity.

Search and Recruiting Methodology Summary:

  1. Client Custom Review;
  2. Position Analysis;
  3. Candidate Identification and Analysis;
  4. Client and Candidate Interviews;
  5. Candidate Testing and Evaluation;
  6. Candidate Selection and Delivery;
  7. Follow Up and Placement Monitoring;
  8. Candidate Guarantee

Credentials, Character and Culture = Great Testimonials

Methodology Detail:

Position Analysis

By allowing one team to be responsible for the entire search process and following a step-by-step proven methodology, brian cork Human Capital makes sure that every viable candidate and option is optimized. This process ensures good communication and great results based on sound and informed decision-making. A brian cork Human Capital Search provides our clientele with resources they need to complete the task of hiring specialized talent efficiently and effectively.

Working closely with our clients, we help to analyze the company’s needs, strategy and organizational relationships.  We then narrow down a group of core attributes that include, skill set, culture profile, experience and other specific characteristics to insure that the correct hiring profile is developed.

Position Specification

After carefully determining the candidate profile, we obtain consensus on the position’s scope, responsibilities, compensation package, reporting relationships, background requirements and other specific profile attributes.

Identify & Assess Candidates

Once the position specification has consensus, we begin the research, discover and qualify process. The brian cork Client Advocate Manager then:

  • Identifies and confirms target sources
  • Identifies, screens and evaluate qualified candidate
  • Narrows list of candidates
  • Prepare backgrounds and profile documents
  • Review profiles with client
  • Evaluate feedback and make necessary adjustments

Client & Candidate Interviews

We coordinate interviews between clients and candidates. Detailed feedback from client and candidates is gathered and reviewed.  brian cork representatives will then present recommendations and feedback and schedule final interviews.

Candidate Selection & Search Completion

After the final interviews have taken place and a finalist has been selected by the client, brian cork assists in negotiating and closing the compensation package and employment agreements. After final arrangements have been made, and a start date has been agreed upon, brian cork has completed the search process.  However, periodic follow up and feedback will continue for the next twelve (12) months to ensure complete satisfaction for both candidate and client.

Follow Up

The brian cork team will maintain contact with the client to ensure good Customer Service and communicate periodically with placed candidates to make sure they are feeling productive.


If the professional leaves for any reason, within a 12 month period, we will complete a new Search and replace that candidate at no additional cost to our clients.

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