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Receiving the greatest return from your human capital investment is key in every organization. This value proposition is what enables companies to build strong cultures and exceed objectives. brian cork Human Capital™ offers a strategic services, broken down into Practices that enable organizations, regardless of size or industry, the opportunity to maximize their return on human capital investment.

We specialize in the following practice areas…

  1. Accounting and Finance Practice
  2. Executive Leadership Practice
  3. Sales and Business Development Practice
  4. Information Technology and eBusiness Services Practice
  5. Marketing and Communications Practice
  6. Human Resources Leadership and Organization Practice
  7. HR Effectiveness Consulting Services Practice
  8. Business Solutions Consulting Practice
  9. Board Member Specialization Practice
  10. Execs-with-Checks™

For more details about each Practice please consider the following…

Accounting and Finance Practice

Since 1997, brian cork has remained amongst the most respected names in accounting and financial recruiting. Our recruiting managers typically have experience in accounting and finance, which affords them a unique advantage in meeting our clients’ needs. Their industry backgrounds enable them to serve as advisors to firms on compensation trends and skills most in demand. And because they have established networks within the financial community and are supported by state-of-the-art Internet and other technology search capabilities, they are well equipped to locate hard-to-find candidates with advanced technical abilities.

In addition, brian cork Human Capital offers a full-service financial staffing approach, assisting clients with full-time, temporary and senior-level project needs when appropriate.

Executive Leadership Practice

brian cork Human Capital™’s Executive Leadership Search focuses on identifying and placing superior candidates at the highest levels of both public and private organizations. Our dedicated consultants possess the requisite expertise – and global candidate network – to find the most qualified leaders for businesses across a variety of industries.

Sales and Business Development Practice

brian cork Human Capital™ has significant experience and expertise in conducting and executing nationwide searches for senior level sales and business development professionals.

Information Technology and eBusiness Services Practice

brian cork Human Capital™ understands eBusiness and information technology and the people that make it work. Our network and expertise provides access to a vast selection of candidates and skill sets from IS managers and CRM/ERP consultants to .NET and Java developers and eBusiness strategists. We provide both permanent placement and contract consulting for its clientele.

Marketing and Communications Practice

brian cork Human Capital™ has some of the very best contacts available in the industry for Marketing and Communications professionals. From VP of Marketing and Sr. Communications Directors to Creative professionals and account managers, brian cork provides consistent access to talent within the industry.

Business Solutions Consulting Practice

brian cork Human Capital™ has the best resources for risk consulting and internal audit. We help our clients seize new opportunities for growth and profitability while protecting them from their risks.

We offer objective insights. We provide knowledge and services that are free from conflicts of interest.

brian cork Human Capital has hundreds of senior professionals located in all the major U.S. markets and around the globe. We provide on-location services, technologies, and skills to our clients, anywhere in the world.

Board Member Specialization Practice

brian cork Human Capital™ has a dedicated team of global professionals whose sole focus is recruiting for boards of directors and consulting on matters of corporate governance. As governance issues continue to change, our Board Services team is sensitive to the impact that this has on clients and tailors its approach to the specific needs of each client.

Recognizing that the strongest element of an effective board is its composition, the global Board Services team presents Candidates who possess the appropriate blend of knowledge, skill, attitude, experience and commitment. In addition, more than one-third of the assignments that we conduct each year involve recruiting minorities and women, an area in which the brian cork Board Services team has developed particular expertise and a reputation for creativity and success.

HR Effectiveness Services Practice

Improving shareholder value and operational performance are the business drivers in today’s economy. Our HR Effectiveness Services practice is directed at improving shareholder value and operating performance by strengthening an organization’s HR practices.

Our approach helps companies to align HR with the overall organization’s business strategy and coordinate HR programs and processes to be more effective and supportive. Our services assist companies with attraction and retention, rewards, performance management, communications, and merger/acquisition integration, workforce and workplace solutions, and the delivery of HR services.

Within our HR Effectiveness Services Practice, our HR Delivery Solutions team assists employers in determining how to improve the quality and reduce the cost of administering HR programs by helping them with the identification, evaluation, selection, and installation of outsourced providers for all HR programs.

Similarly, our Workplace Transformation Services team helps companies develop comprehensive workforce and workplace solutions to enhance human, organizational, operational, and financial performance.

HR Effectiveness Services is unique and can assist our clients with:

  • HR strategic planning and policy
  • Reduced Employee Attrition
  • Reduced Employee cost
  • Career development
  • Organizational development
  • HR Re-engineering
  • Rewards and incentives
  • Communications plans
  • Performance management systems
  • General HR services

Execs-with-Checks /1 are proven leaders within specific disciplines (Operations, Finance and Accounting, Information Technology, etc) that make a financial investment into a company and join the management team to protect and grow that investment. The deal structure around this program varies widely and each placement is unique in terms of equity, exit strategies and span of duties. This is considered a straightforward Search and Recruiting effort. The only caveat is that our fees for this effort is a flat-fee of twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000.00).
_________________________________________ 1/  We need to add this critical disclaimer: brian cork Human Capital™ and related companies and personnel are not registered brokers or a broker-dealer. This means the Company can’t and won’t accept commissions or fees for assisting companies with capital formation (raising money). Our primary objective in facilitating capital formation is to build our future clients and establish a long-term relationship and partnership with them. The only exception to this rule is Execs-with-Checks™. Our core business is obviously Executive Search and Recruiting. Even though Execs-with-Checks™ are investors, in many forms, this type of effort falls under Search and Recruiting. The flat-fee for any Execs-with-Checks™Placement of an Exec-with-Check is twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000.00). There is no exception to this. It’s Standard Operating Procedure; and, all parties should be aware of this requirement.


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