executive search and recruiting

Best of Class Recruiting

The primary focus for the brian cork Human Capital™ team is people - “Human Capital”.  The hiring of specialized talent is the single most important challenge and duty facing the decision-makers of any organization on a continuing basis.

brian cork Human Capital™ provides immediate value to our Clients by rapidly defining and delivering Human Capital solutions by enabling companies to hire the best-of-class leaders and elite employees.  We are experts at identifying “passive (employed, happy, and productive)” candidates the companies need to be the leaders in their own industries.

Finding and retaining qualified Human Capital requires seasoned Search and Recruiting specialists devoted to the task.  Our highly skilled management, research, search and fulfillment teams (Client Advocates) have exceptional experience in the areas of Accounting and Finance, Business Development/ Sales, Marketing/ Communications, Operations, Information Technology, Engineering, Project Management and Human Resources.

brian cork Human Capital™ creates long term value to our clients, candidates and strategic partners through a system of beliefs and principles that will never change: We believe in an unwavering commitment to Execution, Professionalism, Functional and Technical Expertise, Trust and Honesty, Quality and Commitment, and Efficiency and Service. These principles are at the core of every conversation, placement, search and hire the brian cork team undertakes.

We have established the new standard in executive search and related services by cultivating a premiere network of companies, business professionals, executives and strategic partners combined with a dedication to quality services.  Our innovative programs and strategies clearly set new industry standards for quality, reliability and accountability.


brian cork Human Capital™’s mission is to be the premier provider of specialized Human Capital – people- related services. We will help world class professionals find the “perfect job”, and enable companies build cultures that endure. Our Clients reduce Cost and optimize performance by hiring and retaining best-of-class leadership and elite employees.

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