business, career and executive coaching

“Leaders work with me because they want to form their emerging company and its vision around best practices, raise capital, build a top-drawer management team, create best-of-class (and disruptive) products and services, identify key and foundational customers, have fun, make a lot of money, and inspire their children to be the next generation of productive citizens. That is the core of my own business, and the lens through which I coach leaders through better decision-making.” - brian patrick cork

Business, Career and Executive Coaching

brian cork coaches and mentors leaders

brian cork Coaching is based in Atlanta, GA. This is a professional service focused on career mentoring and leadership coaching by mentoring next generation leaders and coaching C-Level executives.

This vital effort is the result of Brian Patrick Cork’s passion to mentor high potential business executives and owners and coach seasoned C-Level executives around leveraging organizational performance and the individual’s passion, talent and leadership capabilities.

brian patrick cork is a trusted advisor, and has been a highly successful executive, entrepreneur, seasoned public speaker, professional athlete, and, business coach, with a long history of helping leaders make better decisions.

On any given day, brian cork speaks with and shares ideas with people ranging from politicians and educators to Fortune 50 executives and startup entrepreneurs. His Executive and Business Coaching Clients include top executives in Fortune 50 companies to professionals in transition. brian cork has raised over $600 million dollars in private placement capital for a wide array of companies across every industry; recruited and counseled hundreds of executives and other decision-makers; and, has actively participated in building dozens of successful organizations.

Brian understands there is “Cost of Chaos”. His coaching methodologies are meant to eliminate chaos, and focused around:

  • Communication;
  • Alignment
  • Decisiveness; and,
  • Accountability

Results you can expect include through organization to individuals include:

  • Improved operating and financial results
  • A stronger leadership team
  • Improved, more success oriented business culture
  • Open communication channels across all levels
  • Attraction and retention of “the right” people
  • Engaged personnel eager to contribute at a higher level

Who Should Seek Coaching?

For any leader in charge of maximizing team performance, including cross-functional and virtual teams, or leaders who are responsible for creating team-based organizational systems. Also geared for team members that can influence leadership and collaboration on their teams.

brian was named to London’s prestigious ‘Ol Man Society for his contributions as a businessman and philanthropist – and, his well-balanced approach to life. In addition, he has been recognized as one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the Southeast selected by “Catalyst Magazine” as a Top 50 Entrepreneur and then a Top 25 Entrepreneur, and has been named by Great Britain’s G2 economics as a Coalition Member of the Year.


“Brian began coaching me in February of 2011 after I was laid off from my employer in January of that year. I came to Brian in disarray, frustrated, and confused with what I was doing wrong, what I should really be doing, and where I should be headed. With his unique style and abilities, Brian was able to get me to focus in on my TRUE career path. I went from just trying to find a better job to building a career path that I had always thought was just a pipe dream. Without Brian and his insight, I would not be where I am today. I would recommend Brian to anyone. No matter where you are in your career or just trying to find the right career, you need to spend time with Brian.” Ben Bahnsen, Project Manager at Position DNA

“brian is an insightful counselor who asks penetrating and relevant questions, creatively guides tough minded self assessment and inspires action towards well defined goals. He was an invaluable sounding board for me personally during a significant career transition and has subsequently provided excellent executive search services. He is more interested in results than appearances and I can recommend him without reservation.” - Ken Honneycutt, Former President and CEO of Acuity Brands Lighting

“I was very fortunate to be able work with Brian during my last transition. I can tell you will all sincerity that his coaching and creativity completely transformed the way I thought about and approached this challenge. His ideas around trend study and convergence I now use consistently and will be a part of my strategy going forward. There is no question in my that Brian delivers on is commitments and provides transformational value.” Gary Peterson, VP R&D at Brunswick Corporation – Life Fitness

“brian was my career coach for the latter part of 2008. In this time, brian clearly leveraged his extensive experience, insight and unique style to help me re-focus my energies towards a new personal and career mission. In our discussions, brian was able to quickly get to the core, and guide me to the answers within that, now, seem to make so much sense, that were there all along, but previously seemed to be beyond reach. I am very pleased to take this opportunity to recommend brian, and I look forward to further opportunities to work with him again.” - Peter van der Reyden, Business Development + Consultant, Midtown Consulting

“brian has the unique ability to put “1” and “1” together and get “3” or maybe its “5”.  He listens carefully to the essence of your problems and then uses his extensive network to help you solve it.  brian has an aura of “success” about him and it becomes contagious with his “can do” attitude and incredible drive.  brian has helped me become a better manager and is a trusted advisor.”
- Bob Twitchell, Founder + CEO Dispersive Networks

“I was referred to brian during the most challenging transition of my twenty one year career as an expert in the field of Recruiting. My mentor and trusted advisor of twenty years had unexpectedly died of a sudden illness. I was a victim of a corporate acquisition where the Sr. Management team was ousted and my role was dramatically changed. For the first time in my life, I lost my job and I was 57 years old. brian immediately established a rapport of trust that was extended with respect, dignity and kindness.

I am extremely cautious and selective with whom I accept advice and guidance. brian earned my respect and trust. His probing questions were sometimes painful and consistently insightful. His uncanny insight and intuition were framed with reality, wisdom and gentle yet firm guidance through the raging waves of uncertainty. He clearly understood my distress, offered tangible and alternative solutions to my challenges while walking with me through an uncharted path. He guided and coached me with unprecedented confidence in my ability. The result has been radically effective in renewing my passion and desire to sustain the use of my skills in making a final contribution to society during my career’s fourth season. His fearless courage and determination has given me the inspiration to “carry on!” Thank you, brian cork for making a significant difference in my life!” - Deborah Byrnes – President + CEO, Matteson Partners, Inc.

“brian has his own unique style and process that forces you to prioritize the things that are important to you in both life and work. From this process a foundation is created that allows you to make career decisions that become void of emotion but are mission critical to your successful future as a business leader. I would highly recommend brian to any executive going through a career transition.” - Tom Fetters – Sales DirectorSuccess Metrics, Inc.

“Thanks for your help coaching my husband.  He’s returned to being the person I fell in love with 11 years ago.  He’s got the swagger, confidence and passion for life back.  He’s now taking better care of himself (and, has lost 11 pounds with 15 to go). I know by the end of the year, career-wise, everything will have come together for him.  You are a Rock Star Cork”. - Christine Wall

“brian has the unique ability to see through the clutter to get right at the issue or opportunity. In so doing, I acquired a clear sense for what steps I needed to take to accomplish my goal. I did and the results were outstanding.” - Pete CanalichioDirector of External Business Development, Newell Rubbermaid Corporation

“brian guided me through a process for me to discover what I really wanted with my career that probably was very obvious to him from the beginning, but I had to realize myself and not be told. His patience and persistence enabled this process to unfold as it needed for it to be successful. He also truly had my best interests at heart, pushing me towards the best opportunity for me, that was not the profitable option for his own business interests, which speaks highly to me of his integrity.”
- Michael Hartman Manager, Advisory ServicesPricewaterhouseCoopers

“Dear Brian,On behalf of the management team of OnCue Technologies, LLC we thank you and your team at brian cork Human Capital for your efforts in getting OnCue the necessary capital investment. OnCue joined the accelerator in March 2010 and with your help received funding at the end of June 2010. In just 4 months, we received the necessary working capital to take our business to the next level.We continue to enjoy synergies with other accelerator companies. Thank you for your commitment to OnCue!”
- Dionne van Zyl Chief Executive OfficerOnCue Technologies


“Where there is no guidance the people fall, But in abundance of counselors there is victory.” – Proverbs 11:14

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