about brian cork Human Capital™

About Us

brian cork Human Capital™ represents three distinct lines-of-business:

  1. Executive and other recruiting;
  2. Business and Executive Coaching; and,
  3. The Acceleration of startup companies and ventures.


Leadership + Strategy = Culture

brian cork Human Capital™ recruits the best people for successful companies that change the world. We work with companies that range from early stage ventures to the Fortune 50 that hire and retain best-of-class leadership and elite employees.

In our increasingly service-oriented society ‘Human Capital’, is no longer a catchy buzz phrase. brian cork Human Capital is founded on the firm belief that a successful company is based on skilled and experienced people.  A formula for success must include Leadership, Strategy and Culture.  We believe that the right  PEOPLE create success.  We hold ourselves accountable for the SUCCESS of our Clients.  And, if we find a best-of-class recruit for your company, we GUARANTEE every placement for a year.

We work with companies that range from early stage ventures to the Fortune 50 hire and retain best-of-class leadership and elite employees. The brian cork team are recruiting industry experts and leaders that set the bar for excellence – and, can prove this every day with a bold and unprecedented guarantee.

Our clients understand that Human Capital – people- are the most important investment. We enable companies to build cultures that endure.

Business and Executive Coaching

briancork shares innovative ideas and his unique experience with clients that range from politicians and educators to Fortune 50 executives and start-upentrepreneurs.  Our objective is to help leaders make better decisions.

We are also serve our clients and business leaders as trusted advisors and business coaches, all based on a referrals-only system that enables us to walk with leaders and hold ourselves accountable for their continued success. Brian’s well-established programs are based on his theories around: The Cost of Chaos that is eliminated through Communication, Alignment, Decisiveness and Accountability.

Credentials + Character + Culture = Success

When brian cork Human Capital serves your company, whether it falls into the realm of Executive Coaching, best-of-class Recruiting, or Accelerating the development of your business to a successful maturity, three things that we focus on are Credentials, Character, and Culture.

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