SQUIDBID + Community = Success

July 2, 2012 — Leave a comment

Social Networking rarely proves itself.

There exists the potential. But, it all remains rather rudimentary, suffers from selfishness as self-involvement is a contra-indicator for success.

And, the life of an entrepreneur can be uncertain. A startup business, even a valid one, is fraught with risk, trial and tribulation.

Insight from Marcus Crockett:


“There are a lot of people that are not active, the key is getting in front of the networks that are [active] or people that lead tribes that can bring votes ‘because they say so’.”



However, our technology community rallied to one of its own recently. We asked you to step-up , be inconvenienced, use Facebook, and be part of a social networking process that could lead to SQUIDBID contending for a significant grant.

Read more about that, here: Startup Profile: SQUIDBID. Or, simply scroll down.

Thusly, many important things were proven over this past weekend.

English: Semiotics of Social Networking

English: Semiotics of Social Networking (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A community can rally to a good cause, we want to help one another and will do so when we understand how. Entrepreneurs inspire us. Social Networking can work – we simply need to work at it.

Based upon feedback that we received as the voting progressed, we know that our network accounted for the vast majority of votes SQUIDBID recieved.

I’m grateful to all of you with the able demonstration that our network exists, and is validated. And, I’m proud of you, all of you, our collective community.

Let’s be part of the Solution.

brian patrick cork

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