Startup Profile: SQUIDBID

June 28, 2012 — 1 Comment

As some of you know, I’m a partner in an Accelerator (I coined that phrase years ago while in Colorado, and many have borrowed the concept, which I think is just fine). In that Accelerator we had SQUIDBID. SQUIDBID’s founder is, the indefatigable entrepreneur, Marcus Crockett.

SQUIDBID evidently has a unique opportunity to apply for one of twelve (12) $250k grants.

LivingSocial, in partnership with Chase, is running the grant program that will have a huge impact on the small business community. As a startup, SQUIDBID, while diligently seeking traction certainly qualifies as a small business.

However, more importantly, SQUIDBID’s unique purchasing platform (developed by the hearty-and-ferocious engineers at Dispersive Networking Technologies (another Accelerator company for whom we recently raised $4M) is a great solution for everyone in the space. According to Crockett:

SQUIDBID’s platform can impact small businesses at the local and state levels, and linking them with medium and large businesses in the surrounding area.  SQUIDBID brings efficiency to the budget maximization and lead generation processes which are always a challenge for small businesses.

Each business needs at least 250 votes to be considered for a$250,000 grant. Eligible small business applicants will then be judged by a panel of business experts.  Please click the link below and login using Facebook, then vote for SQUIDBID in Roswell, GA.

NOTE: We don’t advocate Facebook. But, that is a necessary evil relative to this, otherwise, noble effort.

Thanks for helping SQUIDBID reach their goal, and further validating our efforts at The Accelerator.

Let’s be part of the Solution.

brian patrick cork

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