Opening Minds and Opportunities

May 11, 2012 — Leave a comment

I’ve been working with my fifteen year old daughter about being open-minded.

Naturally she challenged me and asked if I’m always open-minded.

So, that got me to thinking about things like my stubborn stance on matters that include using Linkedin as a recruiting platform. I’ve spoken globally on the topic, and blogged about it quite a bit back in 2010 before I became bored – and, even frustrated with the entire matter. It’s a lot like (seriously). Most of the people you probably should be recruiting don’t even have a Linkedin profile. They are concerned it makes them seem less lofty. That’s clear when I walk with executives in my business and executive coaching practice. And, there is some merit in their collective concerns.

I’ll explore that deeper in a forthcoming post. And, with it we’ll navigate the treacherous waters offered us all by the “digital age” and how it is keeping us from communicating the way God probably intends.

However, we did receive three Executive Job Orders, and a Coaching Client this week through Linkedin. So, I’m reevaluating. More later.

Let’s be part of the Solution.

brian patrick cork

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